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10 Perfect Summer Birthday Gifts For The Perfect Summer Surprise!

Hello Summer!

The season has finally arrived with warmer days and colder drinks! Time to hit the beach, go out with friends to music festivals and party all night under the starry skies! Don’t you just love summer? So full of fun, fresh air, music and sun tans.

And what’s better, celebrating a birthday in summer just makes it a whole lot awe-summer! Want some gift ideas? Here is a list of the top 10 perfect summer birthday surprise gifts!

In case you are wondering, here are 3 steps to planning a summer surprise party. Make it special!

1. A Cute Beach Tote

Must have to hit the beach with your friends! Carry your favourite book (or Kindle) and sunglasses! Don’t forget your suntan lotion. This is such a great gift!

Photo and artwork credit: MartisanneHandmade ($29.64 USD)

2. Beautiful Ocean Abalone Earrings

Summer wouldn’t be summer without the ocean. Featuring the large beautiful abalone teardrop shaped beads, combined with brass beads, Swarovski crystal beads, and fresh water pearls, gift the beauty of the ocean to your friend with this lovely pair of earrings.


Check out this amazing special abalone shell bead this talented maker has used, which is similar to the type she used for the beautiful large abalone teardrop beads shown above.

Isn’t it amazing? Definitely a must-have this summer!


Click for a larger image

Photo and artwork credit: CraftySchmantzy ($22.00 USD)

3. Clutch Purse Zippered Wristlet

Go shopping in style this summer with your girlfriends. Instead of lugging your stuff in a lumpy big bag, carry your money, cosmetics, cell phone, camera etc with this wristlet. What a great gift!


Photo and artwork credit: LMcreation ($34.00 USD)

4. Crochet Soap Saver Bag

Travelling this summer? May I suggest a smart and stylish way to carry soap? This handmade set contains a handmade crochet pouch, soap bag and bath scrubbie spa soap pouch. It comes with a bar of handmade Lemongrass & Lavender Soap too!

Photo and artwork credit: MoomettesCrochet ($10.00 USD)

5. Peridot Halo Ring

Peridot is the stone of compassion. It has a friendly energy and is excellent for healing. Peridot is also the traditional August birthstone. (More meanings for the beautiful Peridot here)

May this ring bring abundance and prosperity to anyone who wears it.


Photo and artwork credit: SilverTrioJewelry ($23.00 USD)

6. Summer Sunstone necklace

Enhance your summer wardrobe to attract positive energy. Sunstone is considered to be an extremely positive stone, especially when worn in the sun. So what better season to wear this positive charming necklace!

Get out in the summer sun!

Photo and artwork credit: Jularee ($78.00 USD)

7. Kumihimo Beaded Necklace

Approach the new season with custom made jewellery to create a new summer look! Don’t you just love the colors of the black long magatama beads and pink silver seed beads? This necklace resembles summer blackberries.

Photo and artwork credit: Beadelixus ($34.28 USD)

8. Strawberry Heart Earrings

Here is a very delicious gift – it’s made of real strawberry, a truly unique summer gift! Carefully dehydrated and preserved in a non-toxic laminated coating. Wouldn’t these look so sweet on anyone who wears it?

Photo and artwork credit: TLALA ($23.33 USD)

9. Hawaii Hand Painted Play Dress

It’s time to play! Fresh from Kauai, each one is individually and lovingly hand-painted. Easy to pack and wear, dresses up or down, this is a totally cool style for warm weather. The best thing is, you can personalize it for the birthday girl!


Photo and artwork credit: PetrinaBlakely ($55.00 USD)

10. African Summer Knee-length skirt

A fun knee length skirt will definitely make a style statement worn with a cute T-shirt or top. The slight elastics in the waistband provide a perfect and comfortable fit to anyone, which makes an easy online shopping experience.


Photo and artwork credit: KennaInAfrica ($65.00 USD)

And there you have it! Hope you like these gift ideas!

11 thoughts on “10 Perfect Summer Birthday Gifts For The Perfect Summer Surprise!

  1. Glad summer’s finally here ! Wonderful ideas ! Thanks for featuring my handmade crochet soapsaver bag gift set!

    1. No worries. Let’s keep on making beautiful things and share it with the world! ;)

  2. Thank you for featuring my beach bag, what a wonderful collection of summer gifts .

    1. you are welcome Anne :) It has been a pleasure putting up this list. thank you!

  3. I love your blog post. Very summery selection of great gift ideas! The strawberry earrings are incredible. I didn’t know you could do that!
    I’m thrilled that you included my Sunstone necklace. Thanks.

    1. the strawberries are amazing aren’t they! very creative and of course, a very unique work from

      your sunstone necklace is very lovely too :)

  4. Thank you for including the awesome strawberry earrings from ! Every item in this post would beva perfect Summer birthday gift for somebody!

    1. thanks! no doubt your earrings are very summery and very unique ;)

  5. These are all such excellent ideas! I especially love the ocean earrings and I might need to gift myself. Thanks for sharing!

    1. hi Hannah,

      thank you so much! :) glad u found something for yourself ;)

  6. Nice blog engaging content.Thank you so much.

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