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5 Pointers to Throw A Party Of The Century!

I don’t need to say it, but I am sure that we all know that it’s a big business to throw a party. It can seem a daunting task especially when there seems to be lots of possibilities to choose from and so many options to go with. Where oh where should I start?

Furthermore, there is a huge pressure to have to keep up with expectations and to satisfy the birthday girl/boy, or guest of honour of any other occasions (promoted at work, marriage, gave birth etc. you name it!) As with any important celebration, it is easy to get carried away and before you know it, you would have either overspent, or run out of time and you won’t have anything close to what you wanted in the first place! Remember, we don’t want to create unnecessary stress and most importantly, you don’t always need to impress others. At the end of the day, the party is about celebrating a memorable day and that’s the only thing that will (and always will) matter most to the guest of honour.

Whether you are planning to throw a party within a tight budget or trying to keep up with the Joneses, the key is to have a little (okay, A LOT) planning beforehand. I’ve listed a few little pointers that you can take into consideration when you plan your next big party!

#1: A Party Theme

To get started, try to think of a theme. This is a fun way to get started and will usually generate some ideas in your head to continue with planning in many other things such as venue, food and even costume!

Although it would be really hard to pin down on one theme that you really, really like, planning will be a lot easier after that. And trust me, it will change at least 4 – 5 times (or more!) until you happily settle down to the one theme.

#2: The Place To Throw A Party

The most essential part of throwing a great party is: the venue.


First of all, work out how many people are going to be at the party and consider your theme. If you worry that your house is not going to have enough space, town halls or hotels provide good places for hire. Here are some questions that you could be asking yourself. Are there tables and chairs? Is it possible to decorate the room? How high can I hang the streamers and banners? Will the place be available on those dates? Is it possible to play games? Can I use their oven? Are there parking spaces nearby? This is the foundation of your party planning so make sure you plan enough time for each element to ensure a smooth party.

#3: Party Invitations

Don’t forget to tell people about your party! Try to send out the party invitations at least three weeks before your party so that they can plan their schedule ahead of times too. There are many designs nowadays and the easiest way is to go online!

I love Pinterest because I get a lot of ideas from beautiful boards and pins. I think that it is a good idea to collect pins and ideas that you like so you can refer back for more inspiration and ideas to throw a party. It will be good to have a design in mind so that it is easier to look for what you want and it can be similar to your theme.

If you prefer more old-fashioned or handmade invitations visit your local craft store and check out supplies like card, glitter, sequins, feathers or anything you like. Get a few party committees together and get busy!

#4: Menu Choices

No one can ever forget good food at a party. You would absolutely want to throw a party that serves good food. You can always make your own party food, but if you’re not keen to cook for many people or you just ran out of time, catering is a good idea as well.

I am a fan of finger foods as they are easy to prepare.

If you are running short on ideas, you can always make food according to your theme (now you see why a theme is so important?).

It is good advice to prepare gluten free and nut free food whenever possible and that we are lucky that the supermarkets now stock a wide range of pre-packaged foods that are free from common allergens.

And don’t forget the birthday cake! I will not believe anyone who says that they can’t find a cake suited to their taste because the range of cakes nowadays is just astounding! Look online for inspiration or have a cake artist create a special cake just for you!

#5: Party Entertainment

This is absolutely optional. If entertainment is over the budget, it is totally fine. You can have the party guests play some party games and there will be a small prize. Just remember, presents don’t need to be extravagant so set a budget and stick to it.

You can also hire an entertainer to the party. Depending on your age group, entertainers can range from storytellers, magicians and clowns for a kid’s party, to DJs, standup comedians, or even strippers for a more mature audience. Whoever you choose, the best entertainers are always booked months in advance so make sure you book them on the spot if you see one you like at another party. The last thing you want is to have high hopes for a fun party only to be left disappointed.

No one ever said that it’s easy to throw a party. But the only thing that matters is that everybody had fun. Hope that these pointers helped in creating the next big party of the century!

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