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Are you using the right invitation size?

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Choosing the ideal size is the first step in designing beautiful invitations. When planning a party or an event, most people tend to overlook the planning of finding the perfect invitation. Most people think, “Oh, I’ll just pick something and write a bunch of stuff on it.” Well take it from me, there is more to it. Planning out and choosing the appropriate invitation can actually be quite stressful ? if you leave it too late. Below are some things you can think about for your next party planning.

There are so many different sizes!

Which invitation size is right for me? First, you need to decide what your purpose is, and then plan out what elements (text, images, composition etc.) goes onto a piece of card. Listed below are top used sizes.

Standard 5″ x 7″

Oldie but a goodie. This is the most common invitation size of all. Never go wrong with the classics.

Compact 4″ x 6″

Use this for a smaller or informal events. It’s a fun size which is about a third smaller than our standard 5×7.

Large 6″ x 8″

You may consider this size for a grander event or if you need to include more details like a map.

Square 5″ x 5″

This is a contemporary size which is becoming increasingly popular for modern weddings with a fun theme.

Rectangle 4″ x 9″

An uncommonly-used slender design which is a good option for modern parties or small events.

A Series* (A4, A5, A6)

The A series is internationally used around the world. A4 is the most common paper size used in our everyday tasks. An A4 can be halved into two A5. Both A5 and A6 can be commonly seen in invitation making.

Some things to consider before settling down with an invitation size 

You are certainly allowed to get creative with your invitations size – they can be super big, teeny tiny, folded up, or even heart shaped but let’s not get carried away. Sometimes we stick to common practices for a good reason. Before you make a decision, here are some things you can factor into your party planning.


Work out how much you can dish out for your party and have realistic expectations. Printing companies decide costs by determining how many individual invites can fit onto a large sheet of paper to be trimmed down later- meaning custom sizes can be more expensive. This is because printing companies have already worked out ways to maximise production for standard invitation sizes and is able to give you their best price. On top of printing, stamps, die cuts, foils,  laminates etc. do cost extra, so consider whether you really need these extra finishes to your invites. 


Remember what we said about never going wrong with the classics? Choosing the correct invitation size ensure it fits into the envelope. Most envelopes you buy from stores follow the C series*, again meaning following a standardised system. So unless you can spend extra to make custom envelopes, stick to the classics!


You have to know if you have time to make elaborate invitations. Allow 3-4 business days to have your invitations printed and trimmed. Extra finishes like embossing, folding, stamping etc. take longer to do. Discuss with your print shop to find out what finishes they offer, and how much it will cost you. Don’t forget you will also need time to post.


From my experience with Australia Post, the cost differs to the letter dimensions. So yes, I suggest you get in touch with your local postal service. Within Australia, posting small letters or postcards cost $1 while larger letters can cost up to $4. Think about how much you need to add on additionally and work this out in your budget too.

Accompanying cards

Depending on your event, you can also consider sending these cards with your main invitation.

  1. Save the date cards – A mini invitation which acts as a formal announcement sent out earlier to guests before the main invitation. 
  2. RSVP cards – To allow guests to get back with their attendance.
  3. A beautiful photo – Great and intimate keepsake for guests, creating a special memory. 

So there you have it, hope that these are good advice for when you want to pick the right invitation size. Please let me know in the comments below if you find this post informational.

3 thoughts on “Are you using the right invitation size?

  1. Thanks for sharing such vital information. I and my husband have recently shifted to our new house and planning a housewarming party. We were thinking to go a bit creative with invitations, can you suggest which one we should opt for?

    1. Hey Kavita,
      Congratulations on your new house!

      Like you said, I would just be creative with it ? If you want a fun, informal get-together, I would just for the 4×6 inches size or even the square size, which is a fun and uncommon size.

      I suppose it all comes down to your budget. You can easily fit four 4×6″ cards onto an A4 sized card, whereas you can only fit two 5×7″ cards on an A4.

      Hope you have a great housewarming!

      1. Thanks for your suggestion. I really appreciate it.

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