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Christmas in July 2021 Sugar Cookies – with free printable recipe card

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Probably snowflakes, snowmen, Santa Claus and fir trees. But down under in the Southern Hemisphere, we like to roll differently. Here in Australia, we take advantage of the cooler weather by hosting Christmas in July celebrations. If you’re wondering, yes, we still celebrate actual Christmas in December but in sweltering summer! ?

This month, I am teaming up with my friend Rose to bring you this lovely Christmas recipe. She is retired and keeps a wholesome blog where she regularly shares recipes and writes about gardening. Keep reading to find out more and don’t forget to download your free printable recipe card!

Rose’s Sugar Cookies

Just to make it clear though, we Australians don’t actually celebrate Christmas during the month of July – it is just an unofficial holiday. But still we like to have an excuse to enjoy whenever we can! There are a range of events that happen in July each year which have a wintery feel, so that we can feel a bit like our northern friends.

As a non-baker myself, I want to thank Rose again for sharing her recipe with me. I LOVE sweets and cakes, but honestly I can’t bake to save myself. I am such a horrible, lousy baker I’m not kidding. I’m clearly someone you avoid turning to for baking tips. So, if you haven’t already, you should check out her blog because she has other amazing homey recipes and gardening tips.

iced sugar christmas tree cookies with festive ornaments

Look at those cute Christmas shapes! Let’s give Rose another round of applause because she has taken some time to make these especially for us. This recipe is a delicious sugar cookie with a slight difference in texture. The dough is made using powdered sugar instead of white granulated sugar. Also butter is used in place of Crisco.

After baking, decorate these cookies to your heart’s content! Rose also has frosting and royal icing recipes on her blog if you need know how to make some.

Download the Printable Recipe Card

To make these yourself for Christmas in July, here is the recipe card as promised. It come pre-filled so you are all ready to go. There is also a blank recipe card so you can note down your favourite recipes for your recipe book. For our Northern Hemisphere friends, you can save this for actual Christmas in December. Simply subscribe to my email list for more free printables like this in the future.

Get Free Printable Recipe Card

Rose and I hope that you have a great time baking these sugar cookies. Any time is a great time for Christmas!

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