Emailing Invitations


How To Convert PDF to JPEG

For those green fans, if you plan to email your invitations instead of printing them, I am all for it so please follow these steps:

  1. As always, you will need to get the ever so useful Adobe Reader here in order to anything to your invitations.
  2. After personalising your invitations and you have made sure that you are happy with all the details, remember to hide the highlighted boxes if you have been using them in the editing process! You can do so by going through these few steps.
    I'm still using older versions of Adobe Reader...
    All you have to do is click the purple “Highlight Fields” button at the top right corner to toggle the visibility of the blue boxes. Pretty straightforward.
    I'm using the new Adobe Reader DC!
    You will need to bring up the “Preferences” menu.
    Windows – Edit > Preferences
    Mac OS – Acrobat DC/Adobe Acrobat Reader DC > Preferences
    Once you’re in “Preferences”, click “Forms” in the list on the left and untick “Show border hover color for fields”.
  3. Now that the highlighted boxes are gone, we can take a screenshot without worrying about those boxes being in the way.
    I'm still using older versions of Adobe Reader...
    All you have to do is go to: File > Export > Image > JPEG
    It will prompt you to save the file, so save it to a location that is easy to access to, such as “Desktop”. You will need to open up the newly saved image later to be cropped in Paint (on Windows) or Preview (on Mac) or any other similar programs.
    I'm using the new Adobe Reader DC!
    Go to: Edit > Take a Snapshot
    A cross-hair cursor will appear in place of your usual mouse cursor. Line the cross-hair with the crop marks, click and hold down the left mouse button, drag over one side of the invitation to begin your selection.email02-drag
    If you are successful, you will see this message.
    The selection has now been copied to the Clipboard. You will need to open up Paint (on Windows) or Paintbrush (on Mac) or other similar paint programs and Paste it in.
  4. To crop images, open up any painting programs on your computer.
    Windows – Most likely Paint

    • Start button > All Programs > Accessories > Paint
    • Crop image by using the crop marks as a guide
    Mac – Good old native Preview

    • Just double-click the file to open it from Desktop
    • Click the“Editor Toolbar” button (located on the top and looks like a little pencil) to bring up the selection tools
    • Use the “Rectangular Selection” tool to draw a selection to the desired region and crop

Note: DO NOT send these converted JPEGs to print as the quality is greatly reduced for online transfers.

Let Me Convert It For You!

If you can’t be bothered or not comfortable with converting your invitations yourself, let me do it for you! Simply attach your personalized invitation below and I will get back to you within 24 hours through email.

Please make sure you already have all the details typed in and saved!

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