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Free Printable – Scarily Cute Halloween Gift Tags

free halloween gift tags feature image

Want to do something different for Halloween this year? Download this set of Halloween gift tags for free, which you can use for your candy bags or gifts.  Simply attach a tag to transform your “store bought” treats bag to instantly look hand made. Talk about creating an illusion!

Download your free halloween printable gift tags now!

These halloween gift tags are a wonderful decor to spice up your treats and sweets. You can involve your kids in this easy and fun activity too. You will be downloading 3 sets of designs of spookily cute Halloween characters. 

What’s fun about this set of halloween gift tags is that the texts are fully editable, so you can really have fun with your projects. You see, I totally understand how hard it is to find nice things, and I know that many of us love to personalise our items. Like, I mean, I personalise each month in my planner.

The tags feature a cute ghost, a reaper and bats flying into the night. Each individual tag is 2(w) x 3(h) inches, 53(w) x 85(h)mm.

free halloween printable sample sheet
Background photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Download Now

How to get perfect Halloween gift tags

  1. In case you missed it, click the big pink “Download Now” button. ☝️☝️☝️
  2. Once you have the file, download it to your computer and open it up in Adobe Reader. Do not edit directly in your browser.
  3. Open up the file and you will see blue highlighted boxes, they are an indication to edit the text with your own fonts already on your computer.
  4. Press Ctrl+E (Windows) or Cmd+E (Mac) to bring up the “Text Properties” tool bar.


    You can choose your font style, font colour, orientation and more options. Click “More…” at the far right to control line spaces.

  5. When you are happy with your design, print out onto Letter or A4 white card, I recommend at least 200gsm for some support. Normal paper is too flimsy for my liking and tear easily when attaching onto gifts.
  6. Follow the dotted lines and cut out the tags. Punch a hole at the top and loop through some string.
  7. Lastly, attach to your gifts/favour bags/candies for that added homemade look!

For more detailed editing steps, check out the Ultimate Editing Guide.

Hope you enjoyed this printable!

Did you love these gift tags as much as I created them? I hope they make your Halloween boo-tiful this year! You’re welcomed to share this page to someone you know who would love these Halloween gift tags too!

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