How To Convert PDF to JPEG

For those green fans, sending invitations out via text messaging, email or through social media are much more reasonable options. Printing is convenient and a widely used solution all over the world, but it’s not always environmentally friendly.

Read on to how you can party in style and save the environment at the same time.

Why convert to JPG?

When you purchase a printable file from Balloon Macaroon, you’ll notice that a majority of our products are in PDF which you can edit. But here’s the problem, you don’t want your guests to be able to edit the invitations when you send/share it out. We need a solution to lock in all the texts so that your guests receive the party invitation as is.

You might or might not know, PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Originally developed by Adobe, the goal is to preserve the format and layout of content no matter which operating system or device you open the file in. Before the invention of PDFs, text and images formatted in your computer will look entirely different on another computer, even if opened in the same program. Remember those early Microsoft Word days? Word files saved on floppy disks? Yeah.

While PDFs are easy to create and used by everyone, ironically not all services accept PDF files. Sometimes when uploading forms and documents to a website (passports, drivers license etc. ), they ask for an image file. What now? Suppose you want to share your invitations to Facebook or Instagram which only accepts images, what then?

Luckily for us, there are so many free open resources out there in this time and age. This converter I am about to recommend is a fantastic solution to our problems! It’s a straightforward process and there are clear instructions on how to upload and download your converted JPG files.

Go to

This service is not only free, they plant a tree for every 50,000 PDF converted to JPG! That is seriously partying with a cause! I am also not associated or affiliated in any way to, just sharing another wonderful free service with you.

Once you have downloaded your converted JPG files, it’s time to share them on Facebook or Instagram and get the party started!

I would love to see your party!

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