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How To Edit With Older Versions of Adobe Reader

I wrote this guide for customers who use previous reader versions prior to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. I really recommend getting the latest version as there are improved features with super clean interface.

Please refer back to the original editing guide for detailed instructions as I am only pointing out 2 major differences and how to access them in this guide.

Difference 1: Blue highlighted text fields

  1. The first things you will notice are the highlighted boxes which indicates where the editable text fields are. They will not print out and I prefer to have them shown because I can see exactly where the text areas are.
    If you wish to hide it, all you have to do is click the purple “Highlight Fields” button at the top right corner to toggle the visibility of the blue boxes.
  2. As with all Balloon Macaroon invitations, simply edit ANY ONE of the invitations as the details will update across all invitations on the page.
    The only text that does not update is the guest details as you might need to address guests individually to add that personal touch. This is entirely optional and you can simply delete all the texts for guests.

Difference 2: Accessing the “Form Field Text Properties” bar

  1. Bring up the “Form Field Text Properties” tool to edit the text size and colour. You can do so by going to:
    View > Toolbars > Properties Bar
    With this tool bar, you are able to edit the text format according to you needs.
    Choose your desired font and change colour to compliment the overall design of your invitation.
  2. You can also click “More…” at the right end to access more properties that allow you have to have more control over your texts.
  3. Once you are happy with the details, it’s time to print out your fabulous invitation! Go to File > Print

There you go!

I hope that this little guide helped you out a little. I do hope you had fun creating your very own invitations and that you have a smashing party!

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