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How Would You Feel If This Was Your Birthday Cake?!

This year, my birthday was supposed to be the best!


This year, my birthday was totally NOT what I expected… Just look at my birthday cake! And it’s supposed to be a surprise! Just imagine my reaction when I saw my cake…



Here’s a little back story if you’re interested.

I went on a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide with my friends.
As the title says, I went on a road trip with my friends. We rented a car and drove from Melbourne to Adelaide. It was a very exciting journey and I loved every minute of it. I saw the most beautiful sceneries of oceans, lighthouses, farms, wild flowers, wineries and best of all, a pink lake (yup, definitely pink!).

We arrived in Adelaide the evening before my actual birthday. A few friends who live in Adelaide showed us around the city and suggested some of the local attractions. People say that Adelaide is a small and boring place and nothing ever happens, but not for me – I love Adelaide!

The next night, we went to a very awesome Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. They serve the most amazing spicy rice and duck! This road trip is very memorable and I will always cherish the moments with my crazy awesome friends…

Let me tell you, I did not expect a cake at all! As we were not very familiar with Adelaide, I didn’t really mention that it was my birthday (I like to keep it in the shadows), but I guess my friends knew anyway. Two friends who arrived later actually went around town to buy a cake, but most shops were closed by then. In the end, they did manage to buy some, but are only available in slices.

Cakes are very important on a birthday. Sometimes, we get so eager that we anticipate what others are going to do for us that we miss the point – celebrating birthdays are not just for the parties and the presents, it’s about enjoying this special day (almost like our own little public holiday) with people who matter most to you. Bottom line,

it’s the thought that counts.

Seriously, this cake is awesome! Answer me this, when would you ever have 5 different types of cakes at once on a plate? Never! But I just did it ;p

Once again, here is me with my very special birthday cake. It was definitely an unexpected surprise! This road trip to Adelaide is definitely the best thing that has ever happened in my life (to date anyway)!

I am so proud of my birthday cake. Just look at me! I’m glowing with pride.

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