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Reasons why you should still use paper invitations

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In the world we are living in today, sending messages happen in a snap – through instant messaging apps, emails, and social media. SO, the question is – is it still necessary to send out snail mail physical paper invitations?

Short answer, yes. Trust me, posting invitations is not a thing of the past.

Paper invitations are a physical reminder of a joyous moment that is about to happen in our lives, and holds true to big events such as weddings, engagement parties, announcement parties, milestone birthdays and more. That’s why sending out physical invitations is still a good idea and it  acts as a visual reminder for the important moments in our lives.

Reason 1: Personal touch and flair

Not only is it fun to plan out, personalize your invites to look more sincere and amazing. Start off by choosing a theme for your party. By make your invitations tie in with the theme, the whole event looks and feels official. You can also pick a dress code and make your guests arrive dressed up or come in costumes. It is also a fun idea to modify some of the usual rules of classic party games to suit the theme of your party and to make the game more exciting.

Reason 2: Fresh and original

There are so many options nowadays. You can buy designs online, download templates, or even sought out a designer to create your party invitations. If you are someone who doesn’t mind getting down and dirty, who loves making things with your hands, DIY is a great budget friendly option too! Simply get your hands on an editable template that suits your style, customize it with your party information, print on your own and post them all out. You can absolutely do this in an afternoon with the right planning.

Reason 3: Literally sending out joy

Don’t you just feel happy when you receive an invite to a party? Baby showers, weddings, birthdays – what we are doing is celebrating the lives of the people we love. Let us create memories and moments that we will cherish forever.

Cheers to life.

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