Surprise Party

Pulling off the best surprise party is not as easy as you think. It’s hard enough to get everyone on board, furthermore even harder to keep everybody quiet without ruining the surprise. This is where my surprise birthday party invitations come in. They play a role in giving clear instructions about what to do and what to expect at the surprise moment.

Above all, the wordings on these invitations are fully editable, that means you can use your own words!  Go ahead, make up your own set of rules and keep your secret plans in the dark for your special friend. Get creative with these surprise birthday party invitations because they are – pun intended – surprisingly easy to use. You can edit these invites with Acrobat Reader DC, the current leading and free software. All you need now is your own enthusiasm and your own fonts on your computer.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make that surprise happen!

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  • Monkey Business ★

    $14.00 inc. tax

    We are definitely up to some monkey business ;)

  • thumbnail for big heart cute invitation

    Big Heart: Pretty Pink Baby Birthday Invitation

    $7.50 inc. tax

    We all have someone we care for and want to treat them in a special way once in a  lifetime. Our heart belongs to our wonderful children who brings joy to our lives. This invitation is perfect for celebrating first-born babies, or pretty little toddlers.

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  • Sweet Surprise: Cupcake Birthday Invitation

    Sweet Surprise: Cupcake

    $9.50 inc. tax

    Touch someone’s heart with with extra sugar sprinkles. ♥♥♥ There is nothing a cupcake can’t fix.

  • thumbnail of orange sunset beach party invitation

    Sunset Beach Party: Orange Sky Invitation

    $8.80 inc. tax

    Warm weather and sunshine, cool refreshing cocktails and campfire marshmallows; host a summer party with this fun invitation inspired by the orange sunset skies.
    Go get yourself a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea!

    This invitation is perfect for a day of fun in the sun, suitable for a beach party, a summer concert, a luau, or a birthday for all ages.

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  • There’s Our Target! ★

    $14.50 inc. tax
  • Keep It In The Dark Surprise Halloween Party Invitation

    $9.00 inc. tax

    What does the darkness have in store? It’s bound to hold surprises (good ones I hope!) :p

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  • Cheers! Have A Beer! ★

    $13.50 inc. tax
  • Our Lips Are Sealed: Peach Passion Surprise Party Invitation

    Our Lips Are Sealed: Peach Passion

    $8.00 inc. tax

    My secrets are sealed with a kiss. Ssshhh…

  • Keep Calm and Party: Madness Surprise Invitation

    Keep Calm and Party: Madness

    $8.00 inc. tax

    Keep calm and party.

  • Bear The Secrecy ★

    $15.50 inc. tax
  • Our Lips Are Sealed: Rose Romance Surprise Party Invitation

    Our Lips Are Sealed: Rose Romance

    $8.00 inc. tax

    Our lips are sealed… Don’t let the big secret out!

Showing all 11 results